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Morrie live Solitude NYC

There are moments in time where your existence slows down, senses heighten, and you can almost feel the Earth revolving in space. Rocking that sweet cradle of awareness, the inconsequential fades and the meaning of life rattles your soul loose in its skin cage. While watching Morrie live last August, he reminded us why art is so important: beyond aesthetics, it's a powerful force of nature. Ever since DEAD END then CREATURE CREATURE began rocking the U.S. from across the sea, experiencing Morrie in America has been a long awaited dream for many. After several years of missing his concerts in Japan, I was looking forward to seeing him perform in person. Prior to the show, I was honored to do a portrait photo session for him; with that sparkle in his eyes, I knew he'd set the night on fire.

Yet, despite knowing we were about to witness something special, I wasn't prepared for the magic that happened when he stood alone on the Kraine Theater stage.

The entire theater, riveted, not a single stitch of his creative performance was predictable, save this: Morrie is entertaining. He engages his audience from a place of truth and wonder. By sharing a peek into his world, he took us on a journey; he made us laugh, cry, and contemplate the universe. I've photographed many concerts and shows over the years and have seen nothing comparable. If you wish you could have been there, don't worry. He's coming back for one night. Experience it for yourself, join us beneath the silvery full moon for "SOLITUDE" in NYC at the Kraine Theater, on January 31st. I'm also excited to announce: three never before printed and signed photographs, I took for Morrie, will be available to purchase before and after the show. I only printed a limited amount of each shot, so I'd suggest getting yours early. Tickets are on sale now here: TICKETS

Till then . . . New York, full moon, see you soon!

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