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July 20th, 2018

It was a thrill to create this cover art for Fanticide's latest album, Under Achille's Heel. From

front to back I was swept away to a future where Humans and AI collide.

The ever stunning and talented Cassandra Vincent is featured on both sides of the album, she also adds an ethereal voice to the music as RF. Her images were taken by Frank Carlos

in LA, and I edited them into my painted backgrounds.

How do you construct a world based on an album? My process began with speaking to Adami and listening to his music. This was a unique project in that the album tells a defined story and had a predetermined color scheme. So, my job was simple: open a window into

this cleverly constructed future.

The concept for Under Achille's Heel struck a cord in me, as I harbor a deep love for Science Fiction. Listening to the music will certainly transport you. It made me want to teleport to this future and bring back images to share. Sadly, I'm still perfecting an interdimensional portal, so I had to be inventive and rely on the power of art instead.

Thankfully, being a photographer and painter really comes in handy when designing cover art. I photograph and sketch things that inspire me with the intention of one day incorporating them into future projects. Compiling your own stock art and photos is not only ideal, it saves time. Here are four examples of the details I worked into the cover:

The flaming heart is a combination of painting and layers of photographed smoke and embers.

The plane crash in a crumbling skyscraper is a photo and painting. The Moth I photographed at the National Air and Space Museum, many years ago. I painted in the

smoke and flames.

What is a future city without cable cars going between the buildings? I had so much fun

painting this in.

Last but not least, my favorite detail, Robo-hobo. I painted him in along with the exposed pipes and little plasma fire. He looks out longingly gazing, quite content in his minimal life,

with the best view in the city.

Listen to and learn more about the music here: UNDER ACHILLE'S HEEL


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