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  Tré is a modern storyteller, Creative Director, Massurreal artist endorsed by The Museum For Massurrealist Art (Berlin, Germany), and based in the USA. Art photography, music video creation, illustrations, and cover art are her specialties. Best known for her imaginative details and fearless use of color, Tré work has been featured in the Washington Post and Hill Rag Magazine.

  Currently, Tré is in the process of publishing her first fully illustrated Art Book of Haiku poetry "Moonscape Haiku Phase I" with creative Wolf Twin partner, Thomas L. Vaultonburg.

  “Blurring the lines between realism and fantasy inspires me. I’m passionate about creating stories that delight. I see beauty everywhere — whether through written word, at the tip of a paintbrush or through the camera lens — we are all living paintings and life is a work of art.

  Photography, cover art, illustrations, and videos all tell a tale by conveying an exceptional truth to the world. When articulated, they don’t simply impart information; they help us communicate beyond words, pluck our heart strings, and give us reason to believe. Within us dwells the histories and fables to inspire future generations. What's your story?"

Publicity • Clients

Wolf Twin Books

Adrienne Woods
Chris Woods
Claudia Chopek

Dave Matthews Band
Dennis Hamm
Dickie Chapin

DJ Sisen
DJ Takuya Angel
Ed Romanoff
Eleanor Norton
Elevation Orchestra
Emiliano Melis
Felicia Beefeater
Gregory Porée 
Heather Paauwe 
Hilary Castle
James Tormé

Kathryn Elizabeth Bailey Cunningham
Kristeen Young
Lars Ulrich
Lauren Woods
Left On Red
Les Sans Culotes
Michael Bearden
Neon Music
Nicole Spivey 
Peppermint Gummybear
Reggie Goodjoin
Reiko Nakano
Ryan Cross

Sandra Booker
Semi Precious Weapon's
Shira Girl
Sirius Trixon
Swear On Your Life
Tina Parol
The Connects
Tommy Brunett Band
Tristin Chanel     

Wild Street

X Japan
Ziggy Starlet

Angelic Pretty
Carmelita Couture
DC Fashion Week
Fashions Night Out
Janice Dickinson

Jennifer Santariello

Julia Gerard
Clara Kasavina
London Fashion Week
LSS Jewelry
NYC Fashion Week
Patricia Field
Takuya Angel

Alan Cumming
Alan Cumming by Tre

Alan Cumming
Apathy Angel
Alma Theatre Group
Brittany Angell

Carnegie Hall
Cassandra Vincent
Edinburgh International Festival
Eijiro Ozaki
Eros Fire
Fringe Festival

Jamie Clayton
Keith David
Kristin Chenoweth
Legs Malone
Lena Marquise
Le Petit Guignol
Leslie Sykes
Lynn Sharp Spears

Madame Rosebud
Melody Sweets
Mundy Spears
Nori Tomizaki
OC Pavilion
Riki Lake
RunAround Sue
Stormy Leather
Todd English
Tracy Ashbourne
The Gyronauts

The Love Show

The Scarlette Parlour
9:30 Club

Selected Exhibitions

Current: The Museum for Massurrealist Art

Touchstone 40th Anniversary Show
Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC, May 1st, 2016

"Lucid Dreams" The Archetypes of Humanity, (DC Photo Week) Solo Show
Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC, Nov. 1st, 2013

Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC, Jan. 4th, 2013


Tré art exhibition opening.