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Imagination is my language and art is my voice. Paintings coming to life, and life becoming art, you know... an average day in my world. While talking with people about aspirations and dreams, their portraits brush up before me. When hearing music, inside my mind colors appear and images flash into motion. Many of my projects have begun this way. Cover art, illustrations, videos, and portraits all tell a story. Like other mediums, these also articulate an exceptional truth to the world in ways beyond words. They speak of vision, relatability, innovation, and authenticity. When done well, they don’t simply impart information, they pluck our heart strings, and give us reason to believe. The ability to inspire and encourage is one of the greatest gifts art can bestow. I love helping people achieve their dreams by creating a platform for them to tell their stories. Within us dwells the histories and fables to inspire future generations. What is your story? May it be one of great love!

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