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Elysian Moon

A New Year, On distant planets, alien moons rise, and dimensional time is not measured by Newtonian clocks. Here, our green and blue orb is tugged by space, and we spin in place before a yellow star woven in plasma and magnetic fields. Our tiny lives appear but micro in comparison to the vast cosmos, and yet the plans and hopes we generate are so immeasurably large.

With all our innovations, can we calculate the substance of dreams? Is it plausible to quantify the ingredients for a wonderful life? For the years, they come and go like breaths, and soon enough, you stop counting. The existential slides in, and one ponders definitions where metaphysics questions nothing, and then everything. After all is said and done, it’s not the beginning nor the end that defines a thing. I’ve found it to be all the tasty bits in between. A year may commence and finish with a bang, but it's the intermittent sparks brindled amid mediocrity that thrill the most.

Awaking each day our lives remain vastly unwritten. Annual cycles beguile anew, fresh starts stream good intentions, and the blank paper before us elegantly fills in. Our future burgeons, anything is possible, and within our rosy hearts adventure abounds.

Never forget that you are the author of your own story, and the plot is always negotiable as long as it brings joy to you and others. Tomorrow is ours to mold as today becomes the chronicles of yesterday. When our proverbial book is read, let it be filled with kinder words, more loving choices, and positive motivation to guid those that follow.

Cheers to the successes, the memories, the lessons, the dearest loves lost, and the battle won scars of 2013. We are still here, together we are the architects of an era chockablock with inspiration, and happiness is ours for the making. Best wishes in the year of our planet Earth, 2014. -Tré

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