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  Tré is a fiction writer and illustrator. A Science Fiction Fantasy lover, she grew up in the wilds of Virginia immersed in a world of space exploration and magic. As a child she was fueled by a vivid imagination and armed with a net for catching faeries, she became a barefoot adventurer, made friends with monsters, rode unicorns, and climbed trees that dropped candy. From a young age she started writing down stories from her other-worldly dreams, and now she turns them into novels.

Her debut book Bohowler's, handled by SDC Publishing, shall hit bookstores in the autumn of 2020. A release date and further information will be announced soon.

  If Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas) merged with C. S. Lewis (The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe), wore the kitten heels of Diana Wynne Jones (Howl’s Moving Castle), put on Neil Gaiman’s pants (Star Dust), and slipped into J. R. R. Tolkien’s (Lord of The Rings) tweed jacket while eating Gideon Defoe’s (The Pirates!) morning biscuit you might have a story that comes from the realm of Tré’s Bohowler’s. Beautifully spellbinding and playfully dark, this debut novel delivers an exciting Epic Fantasy that leaves fiction lovers on the edge of an unknown galaxies wanting more.

Writing Style

Bohowler's Book Cover by Tre


  Seven generations of magic have prepared the Bohowler bloodline for this moment. When Zoa, an Oil and Glass Witch, realizes that she has been living a lie, the only safe world she’s known flips upside down. Adversaries plot from the shadows, trying to steal her magic. Calling in an age-old debt, the Fae Queen attempts to acquire the powerful witch, and creates a nether breach that threatens to consume her planet Aradia, and with it, all Zoa holds dear.

  To fight back, the witch and her familiar, a raven named Ozzie, begin a journey that challenges everything she has learned. Uncovering her family’s darkest secrets shall reveal a forked destiny. Which path does she choose?

  Her quest for freedom and to close the breach spans newly discovered worlds, the past, and even death. Supernatural friends, unseen enemies, and harrowing monsters shall awaken new abilities and test her resolve. Will she relinquish her powers and make the ultimate sacrifice or find another way? At Bohowler’s the end is just the beginning. Oil and Glass is the first of seven books in this tale of witches and faeries.

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